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Since 2000, we've been working in the field of Human Resources.  We've taken that experience in various Fortune 500 companies and now help others to be a stronger leader, a more cohesive team, and make YOUR career one you love. 

So why do I need a career development coach? 

Are you a new-ish executive and want a fresh start with your new team? 

Are you and established executive and are frustrated that your team isn't firing on all cylinders? 

Is the "social friction" in your organization becoming a true inhibitor to success? 

Are you frustrated that others in your organization don't "speak your language"? 

Are you an employee with a manager that doesn't "get you"? 

You're jumping from job to job because each environment isn't a fit; doesn't feel right to you? 

Yes! That's me! What can you do to help? 

One of our key programs is DISCover Your Leadership Style where we conduct a team DISC assessment program that helps with many of the challenges listed above.  The DISCover Your Leadership Style program is meant to address the "social friction" within teams, with leaders, and within your organization.  We have programs to help walk you through your process and use your DISC style profile to help you learn  - not only how your style impacts your leadership capabilities - but the style of others so you can better understand the why and the how to solving career challenges. 

Yes, that's totally what I need! What should I do next? 

You can email and we'll send you a link to schedule a consultation session. During this first call, we'll figure out exactly what your needs are and what resources will best help you in your situation.  

AEJ Consulting - Career & Leadership Coaching
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