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What's your Bird?! The Take Flight with DISC Assessment will give you the insight and self awareness to better communicate, manage, and even give guidance into the career that will work for you.  Are you a Dominant Eagle or a Supportive Dove? There are no wrong or bad personality styles and every one of us possess some of each style. Take the assessment today to discover how to work within your style and how to work with others. 

What You'll Receive: 

  • Your customized 26-page profile report outlining your personal style 

  • Live Webinar with me to discuss your style

  • A specific review of your strengths, work style tendencies and your most effective work environments 

  • Identifying your Motivators and Needs

  • Stress indicators, how you deal with conflict, and specific strategies to reduce these challenges 

  • Communication styles that work best for you and others of different styles

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