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DISCover Your Leadership Style

Completing a team-based DISC Assessment is an easy way to understand how team members need to be communicated to, how they take risks, how they behave under stress, how they want to be rewarded, and more. 


Are you a leader trying to meet the needs of individual team members while still leading them forward to success?  Do you have team members who question processes constantly and others who just go with the flow? Is one person demanding and seems to rub others the wrong way, while another is always "in their shell" and doesn't speak up? If any of these scenarios sound familiar and you want to better synchronize your team, then the DISCover Leadership Your Style assessment event is for you.  


DISCover Your Leadership Style is just the assessment to give you and your team the simple insight and language to improve the communication and partnership your team needs to succeed.  

What You'll Receive: 

  • Each participant receives a customized 37-page personalized profile outlining their personal style 

  • Team Debrief of all results in the personalized profile 

  • A full team report outlining each team members style, including the leader 

  • Reminder cards for practice, tools and a copy of Take Flight: Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career

  • Team Planning Template to assess exactly what styles are present on your sub-teams, and what styles are missing to build strength and capacity 

  • Access to additional coaching expertise at AEJ Consulting: Executives & Managers 

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