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Remote Job Skills: The Top 3 You Need

What are the best skills to showcase to get a remote role? How do you convey those skills in a resume or during an interview? If you're applying for remote jobs, it's essential to emphasize a blend of both technical and power skills (formerly known as soft skills; nothing soft about them!) to show that you're capable of thriving while working independently in a remote location. And yes highlighting these skills and providing examples on your resume, or as projects on your LinkedIn profile, work in your favor. Here's one of my favorite websites that provides action words and helpful verbiage to add these skills to your resume. In my experience and conversations with recruiters, here are three top skills that hiring managers often look for in remote work candidates:
Communication Skills
Effective communication is paramount in remote work settings. As teams are spread across different locations and time zones, conveying thoughts, ideas, and feedback clearly is vital. This includes writing clear emails and messages (text, Slack, Teams, etc.) engaging actively in virtual meetings, and being responsive. Being visible is key also. Be proactive in letting your manager and team know when you’re in and out of "the office.”

Why it's Important: It ensures that everyone is on the same page for tasks and priorities, reduces misunderstandings, and can help foster a more cohesive team dynamic. Don't want to be micromanaged? Be transparent about your workload; and by that I don't mean constantly sharing with everyone exactly what you're doing. But being "visible" and responsive.

Self-Discipline and Time Management
Remote work demands the ability to manage one's time effectively and stay focused without direct supervision. This is exactly what leadership fears: are you actually working? This is where the micromanagement and return to office come into play. Setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and adhering to deadlines is key in a remote work setting.
Why it's Important: This skill shows that you can be trusted to deliver without constant oversight and micromanaging and demonstrates responsibility and reliability, essential traits for remote workers. Want accountability? Be accountable!

Technical Proficiency and Digital Literacy
The remote work environment relies heavily on technology. Understanding and adapting to various digital tools, platforms, and software is crucial. This includes the ability to troubleshoot minor technical issues and use collaboration tools effectively. Being the one who embraces new technology, shares it with others, and uses it to the advantage of the team or organization is a key skill to highlight also.
Why it's Important: It enables smooth collaboration with team members, clients, or stakeholders, no matter where they are located, and minimizes downtime due to technical problems.
Highlighting these skills – and examples of how you’ve used and mastered them - can set you apart in the market for remote opportunities, demonstrating not only the technical proficiency to perform the job but also the power skills necessary to excel in a distributed, virtual environment.

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