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Top 3 Interviewing Tips for an (almost?) Post Covid World

Is the pandemic now an endemic? What did Fauci say? Did the CDC update their website? I have no idea! I'm a career coach not a virologist! Let's dive into this guidance you came for.

Many of us should now be pretty well versed in interviewing via Zoom, Teams, or some other video based platform. But interestingly, many people haven't changed their approach to how they interview. No matter the medium, there are still some tried and true strategies to interviewing whether in person or online. Check out my top 3 tips for better interviews.


You aren’t practicing and preparing for interviews in advance. You’re going in “winging it” and aren’t able to articulate how you solve problems and can add to the company culture or mission in the that role. You ask about salary and time off before you ask about the mechanics and challenges of role. My best tip for preparing for an interview: record yourself on your phone answering basic questions. How many um's and ah's come up? Is your answer clear and concise? Did actually answer the question that was asked? Need some basic questions to practice with? Check the home page of my website!


Beyond the impact of the pandemic, you aren’t aware of other changes and challenges in the industry for the role that you’re interested in. Or you have no specific industry in mind. You go to the interview ill prepared with no specific questions on what their challenges are or who the companies competition is. In this day and age, information abounds. It's incredibly easy to go online, to the organizations social media pages and listen and learn. LinkedIn has a plethora of experts for any industry that you can follow and get updates from. Be an active seeker of information beyond what's presented to you on social media platforms, Be able to share where you get information, news, and how and where you research. I'm amazed at the amount of people who come interview and show no real desire to work for the company! They just want "a job", and that definitely comes across.

I promise I don't have a thing for Schitt's Creek. They simply have great gifs I need right now!


Just about every interviewer asks this of the candidate towards the end of the interview. I've been floored a couple of times, when candidates have said "No, I don't have any questions!" Really? You can't think of any questions to ask of an organization you're being asked to spend about 40+ hours per week of your life? Working in partnership with human beings you don't know? With a new boss? Come on! Not having questions about a role or a company is a red flag that you just want any job that comes your way. Most people love to talk about themselves and their work. Get that interviewer talking! And not only that, asking good questions can shows you've thoughtfully considered the opportunity and address point number one above: YOU ARE PREPARED. Want to know what kind of questions to ask? Check the homepage of my website! I've got you covered!

The pandemic has changed our work lives and processes in many ways that we may not see play out for years. But up to today has allowed us to see how some changes have manifested and what things we an do differently moving forward. Implementing even just one of the strategies above to change your perspective and actions on how you interview will be helpful to you. The more you interview the easier and better you'll get. Let me know how it goes!

What other tips would you add that have helped you be successful?

*Ayanna E. Jackson is an HR Professional and Career Coach with 20 years experience in corporate America and non profit workspaces. She's worked consistently throughout her career in coaching managers, interviewing and hiring candidates, negotiating salaries, helping people get promoted, and writing kick butt resumes and cover letters that get results. You can find her at, Twitter and Instagram or running around Metro DC with her family, mini goldendoodle, and a book!

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