DISC Personality Assessments to Boost Your Personal & Professional Development 

This high energy training program is like no other you've taken before. My program makes self-awareness - a key to success -  simple and intuitive, enabling you to easily remember the styles and apply new skills in your career, with teammates, and clients. The result is that you'll be able to comfortably and confidently flex your style to communicate more effectively and respectfully with the people in your lives.

Looking for ways to address diversity, equity, and inclusion on your team? The DISC Assessment helps you understand everyone's style, motivations, stressors, and how to respond in a way that benefits everyone.  This program can be tailored for teams, work groups, church leadership, corporate staffs or non-profit organizations. A better understanding of everyone's strengths, in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere may be the solution you need.

Want a glimpse of your style? Check them out below! 


(D)ominant Style

Our Eagle friends possess traits such as being results-oriented, persistent, and daring. They need control and prefer taking on challenges.

(I)nteractive Style

Our Parrott friends possess the traits of being sociable, trusting, and enthusiastic.  They need approval and prefer people-related tasks.

parrot real.JPG
owl real.JPG

(C)onscientious Style

Our Owl friends possess the traits of being objective, diplomatic, and analytical.  The need standards and prefer to work on structured tasks.

(S)upportive Style

Our Dove friends possess the traits of being a team player, are sincere, and good listeners.  They need routine and prefer tasks that are standardized.

dove real.JPG

Learning these styles for yourself and identifying them in others, can be the true game-changer for your career.  See below for more information. 



Assessment Overview

Take a 15-minute survey about YOU! Figure out your style, your strengths and opportunities, and pitfalls to avoid in overusing what you're naturally good at.  Use your assessment results to determine how to better work with your boss and team, talk to your significant other & family members, and most importantly, what types of work suit your style best.


Does your group or team struggle with communication? Have you had challenges lately on how to properly address diversity and finding ways to be inclusive within your organization?   Do you find yourself having difficult conversations with your manager or co-workers? 

DISC is just the assessment to you give you and your team the simple insight and language to improve the communication and partnership needed to succeed.  

Sign your team up to take the assessment and get the training that has been successfully delivered at world-renowned organizations and companies such as NBC, American Express, Major League Baseball, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the United States Marine Corps

Participants take a 15-minute survey in advance.  I'll walk your team through their DISC results, conduct interactive activities to keep participants engaged, and provide the resources you'll need afterward to make sure it sticks and your team continues to use the language and tools moving forward.


Career Coaching Services 

Take Flight With DISC - Master Your Personal Style Today!

This high energy training program makes self-awareness of your own style and others, simple and intuitive. It enables you to easily remember the styles of everyone you interact with and apply new skills. The result is that you're able to flex your style to communicate more effectively and respectfully with the people in your lives be it work, home, or socially. This training is recommended for work teams, departments, boards, church groups, and any group that has to work closely together to accomplish goals.

How to Make P.I.E At Work

This team presentation discusses the challenges you are having getting visibility, getting promoted, and a variety of career challenges that all tie back to your P.I.E. - YOUR Performance, YOUR Image, and YOUR Exposure. Which one is most important?


I created this program and it's now a favorite among my clients. This group coaching course provides you with the tools and techniques to jump-start your career search the right way. After 21 days, you'll be ready to tackle the search for the career, promotion, or path that works for you.

Additional Services

  • Career Development Guest Speaker

  • Authentic Vocation ® Career Coaching (1:1)

  • Manager Development Training 

  • Internship Career Development 

If you want to improve your team dynamics, motivate your employees and interns, or need direct career coaching, contact me to find out how I can partner with your organization!

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I've had my fair share of job drama: layoffs, frustrating searches, working in a bad corporate culture, being "the only" in the department, zero upward mobility, being underpaid, and lots more.  Over a 20 year career, I've experienced "career trauma." 

But today, I'm in a CAREER I love and get to help others figure out exactly how to get there.  Let me help YOU. 

With 20 years of corporate Human Resources and Recruiting experience in multiple Fortune 500 companies, I coach you and your teams on improving their careers and job search strategies.  I understand the behind scenes processes of organizations to provide you specific action with results.

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